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In this extensive, complete and comprehensive conversational AI & Chatbot developer program, you will learn concepts, tools and methodologies used to build and implement fully functional chatbots for personal, business and enterprise use.

In this program we will explore how to build different types of chatbots using multiple techniques and platforms including Rasa and Dialogflow for various channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. We will also look into chatbot platforms that do not require coding to create functional chatbots such as Chatfuel and Manychat. As well as traverse all the various ways to code custom & enhanced chatbots that can be implemented for special use-case such as custom website, web applications and mobile applications.

From simple pattern recognition algorithm using python to natural language processing using Dialogflow, this program embodies a dynamic project based curricula that adds new and updated sections regularly as the technology landscape changes. We know that keeping up with the pace can be challenging, that’s why we provide you an avenue to connect with your instructor to get personalized help and support throughout the program.

Before completing this program you will gain knowledge on how to develop a bot personality, determine bot value proposition, identify bot needs and user needs, understand the use of roleplay simulation to create quality sample dialogue, how to structure your designs and test them rapidly, and how to do adept revision to create resounding dialogue in the correct tonality.

At the end of this program, when you understand how conversational AI works and have gained the skill of chatbot development, you will be able to develop your first AI agent. You can get a job as a chatbot developer, join a conversational team or freelance your skill set in global job marketplaces and be valuable from day one.

Applied Learning Project

Students that successfully complete this program will get a verified certificate of completion that has a strong emphasis on applied learning. This program include a series of hands-on projects that will give you practical skills in Chatbot Development with applicability to real jobs, including:

Tools: Google Dialogflow, Rasa, VS Code, Python.

Libraries: spaCy, PyNLPl, NLTK, DeepPavlov, ChatterBot, TextBlob, etc.

Projects: Building QnA chatbot, Development of a contextual chatbot.

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Designed for graduates and non-graduates in Nigeria that want to gain beginner to advanced Conversational AI skill and get Chatbot developer Jobs

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How The Conversational AI & Chatbot Program Works

Build the Skills You Need to Get Job Ready

If you want to start a new career, or change your current one, Professional Certificates will boost your confidence and help you become job ready. After this program you can continue to learn at your own pace with the program materials/resources, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. Enroll now to explore new career opportunities. You can start the program with an installment payment.

Hands-On Projects

This program will allow you engage in practical and experiential application of your skills with hands-on projects during which you’ll build a portfolio that presents your job readiness to potential employers or clients. Before you can earn your certificate, you’ll need to successfully finish your projects.

Earn a Career Credential

When you complete all the sections in the program, you will earn a shareable Certificate which you can distribute amongst your professional network. You will also get access to career support resources to help you launch your new career. The knowledge you gain plus your certificate can help you prepare for even more advanced certification exams.

This program is for you if you want to (are):

Start a new career

Conversational AI and Chatbots is projected to be the next big job creator globally. This program will set the center stage for acquiring skills you need for your next career push.

Up-skill Yourself

This program is constantly evolving with the latest technology advances in the world of AI. So we base our curriculum on advance learning that keeps your skill set up-to-date.

Secure a well paying job

The average monthly salary of a Chatbot developer is $9,292/month and projections show that the global conversational AI market will grow to $15.7 billion by the year 2024.

Expose to new opportunities

Conversational AI market size is not yet saturated. Skills projected to be in demand would be in designing & developing Chatbots, Interactive Voice Assistants and related areas.

Become a creator

You can decide to narrow down your Conversational AI specialty to specific industry verticals and create specialized chatbot solutions for that unique market.

A graduate or Non-graduate

Having a prior educational background is not a requirement to learn and gain the skill of chatbot development. So anyone with the desire to learn basic AI can enroll.

Why You Should Enroll For This Program

Program Outline

The Conversational AI & Chatbot program is divided into sections, modularized and arranged in a sequential manner to allow for easy assimilation.



Beginners Guide

The term “Conversational artificial intelligence (AI)” has been traced back to the 1950s, when Alan Turing hypothesized that a computer program could interact with humans. Fast forward to 1966, the first chatbot software ever developed Eliza, was created at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum.

Eliza, is a computer program that uses natural language processing (NLP) to imitate a psychotherapist’s language. This is the first time a human-like conversation with a chatbot was made possible.

In this section of the program, you will learn the nitty-gritty of Chatbot development, from the introduction of natural language processing (NLP) to understanding it’s implementation to generate an interactive product.



Introduction to Conversational AI

Conversational AI involves a combination of natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning (ML). The NLP processes flow into a continuous feedback loop with machine learning processes to constantly optimize the AI algorithms.

In this section we will explore Conversational AI principal components that allow it to process, understand, and generate response in a natural way. Accordingly in this section, some of the lessons you will learn include:

  • What is Conversational AI
  • How does it work
  • What are the components of conversational AI
  • What it can be used for
  • Challenges faced with Conversational AI
  • Ethics of Conversational AI
  • And so much more…



Introduction to NLP

Natural language processing is a method of evaluating language with the help of machine learning (ML). NLP for Conversational AI consist of four steps: Input generation, input analysis, output generation, and reinforcement learning. The process involves unstructured data transformation into a format that can be read by a computer, which is then analyzed to generate an appropriate response.

Accordingly in this section, some of the lessons you will learn include:

  • What is NLP
  • Categories of NLP deployment.
  • Application of NLP
  • And so much more…



Building QnA Chatbot

Q&A chatbots adequately act as FAQ bots that answer user questions and queries. This section will teach and take you through the process of developing a chatbot and all the specializations needed for a Q&A chatbot.

By the end of this section, you’ll feel comfortable creating a chatbot. You will have a solid foundation for even more advanced learning in the field, and further develop necessary skills to help advance your career.

Accordingly in this section, some of the lessons you will learn include:

  • Humanizing your chatbot
  • Using keywords
  • Knowledgebase creation
  • Connecting it all together
  • Testing your chatbot
  • Go Live
  • And so much more…



Development of a contextual chatbot with Rasa and DialogFlow

Taking context in conversations into account is very important in providing a good user experience. Contextual conversations ensue when all parties are cognizant of the relational, cultural and environmental context of the exchange.

In a contextual conversation, some details beyond the previous step in the conversation plays a vital role in what should happen next. In this section, you will learn how to create a context-aware conversational assistant and how to define the way conversation history affects the next response.

Accordingly in this section, some of the lessons you will learn include:

  • Niche selection
  • Training with the right data
  • Input and Output Context
  • And so much more…



Integration of developed bot on social media platforms

In this section you will learn how to integrate the contextual chatbot on various platforms including websites and social media and other messaging apps. Accordingly in this section, some of the lessons you will learn include:

  • Website
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Digital human
  • Be on voice call with your agent
  • And so much more…




This section will focus on application of conversational AI in area of interest as well as solve complex problems related to conversational AI. At the end of this section you will discover the many use case of Conversational AI across numerous industry verticals. You will also be able to decide which use-case to specialize in.



Professional Portfolio Building

A professional portfolio provides companies and employers more information and unique examples of your work. With a remarkable portfolio you can capture the interest of employers which should be your goal when applying to jobs.

In this section you will choose from a list of verified high quality projects that you will work on as your final assessment for the program. Necessary support and guidance will be provided to you by your instructors.



Job Readiness

The section will expose you to a number of training on CV development, LinkedIn best practices, job interview readiness and cover letter writing to access high paying Conversational AI and Chatbot developer jobs. 

At the end of this section, you will be better positioned to find quality employment. Our training and strategic partnerships allows graduate students access to direct information on job vacancy, opportunities, and adequate placement for internship and full-time roles.



Freelance Your Expertise

This is for those that don’t want to join the employee treadmill. In this section we will teach you how to freelance your hard-earned skills/expertise. Trends show that companies continually make efforts to reduce their costly, benefit-heavy workforce, as they’re increasingly turning to outside freelance help.

With your expertise in the areas of Conversational AI and Chatbot development there’s a good chance you can parlay it into a freelance career by sharing your knowledge and skills with a variety of clients on global remote job marketplaces.

How You Will Learn

We adopt an instructor-led, student-centered and project based learning approach to teach our programs in physical and online classes. This methodology encourages interactive engagements while applying gained skills to solve real-life business problems.

Physical & Online Classes

Join and collaborate with other students as you connect with your Instructor to enjoy more active and engaging interactions

Business-Case Focused

Work mainly on assignments, milestones and projects that centers around real-life business related problems & use-case.

Engaging & Interactive Review Sessions

Each program section includes hands-on interactive sessions presented in-class to engage students with practical learning, as they share knowledge and gain multiple perspective of problem solving rather than passively absorb it.

High Quality Program Kit & Resources

Get access to program kit & resources that contains more focused information readily available to you at your point of need. This supports your assimilation during and after the program by combining learning with application in the moment.

Meet Your Instructors

Olumide Benjamin

Data Scientist
Seasoned data scientist with expertise in machine learning and chatbot development.

Samuel Oluwaseyi

Python Developer
Harvard certified web developer with expertise in python programming and data science.

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The value you get from learning this high income skill is worth ten thousand-times more than the amount you pay to enroll in this program.

Apply to top tech firms or become a freelancer

Work remotely & become highly valuable to companies all over the world looking to increase the value of their conversational experiences.

Earn as much as ₦213k - ₦615k per month

As of Oct 2, 2021, the average monthly pay for a Chatbot Developer in the United States is $9,292 a month. In Nigeria it’s between ₦213k to ₦615k.

Stop Waiting. Start Learning.

Installment payments available

Verified Certificate of Completion

You can share your Certificate online and offline.

Take The Bold Step Towards Achieving Your Goal

Only few students can be admitted for each program session. The first set of successfully registered students will be screened before being allowed into the program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about the Conversational AI & Chatbot Program. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may book a call.

This course is created for trainees that wants to develop foundational skills in Conversational AI. No prior background in artificial intelligence or programming is required.

Application of Conversational AI is relevant to almost all industry verticals. Some examples of careers in Conversational AI include:

  • Conversational AI Consultant
  • AI/Chatbot Interaction Analyst
  • Chatbot Developer
  • Knowledge Engineer
  • AI Trainer
  • UX/Chatbot/Conversational Writer

The Course consists of 10 sections. Suggested time to complete all sections is 4 – 6 weeks. With classes running 3 days a week and going at a pace of 12 hrs/wk (4 hours each class). If you follow recommended timeline, it would take 1 month to complete the entire course.

You will be able to develop a fully functional Chatbot among many other things. In this Course, students will develop foundational Conversational AI & Chatbot development skills to prepare them for a career or advanced learning that involves more complex topics in Conversational AI.

If you already know how to write codes or you are a programmer, great! The intermediate knowledge taught in this course will boost your ability to create interactive chatbots that users will like. Your coding skills will enable you to further enhance your chatbots, by integrating other APIs and data sources with them.

Yes you can make lots of money from developing chatbots. You could start a side-business from your room by developing chatbots for small and large businesses. Anyone can take this course and start making money with chatbots if the right amount of work is put into it.

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